Residential Realty Group

• Create corporate brand awareness for Residential Realty Group (RRG)
• Create personal brand awareness for Joan Magill, RRG founder
• Highlight Magill as an influential leader, and woman, in the construction industry and the first-ever woman cover of US Builders Review

• Feature RRG and founder, Joan Magill, in US Builders Review, an award-winning national construction magazine
• Provide premier placement as the cover of the magazine
• Promote the article on the magazine’s social media and website
• Optimize the article (SEO) for improved search results
• Create custom blog content positioning Joan as a leading woman in construction and highlighting her recognition as the first-ever woman cover of US Builders Review, host on the magazine’s website and share with relevant outlets
• Update RRG’s existing social media sites, including cover photos, profile images and informational sections
• Curate and distribute informational and timely materials with current and prospective residents via RRG’s social channels to encourage engagement and foster community
• Logo retouching

• RRG was featured as the cover story of the US Builders Review Winter III 2017 edition, reaching over 20,000+ digitally
• First page Google search result article
• Promotional blog shared with 20,000+ magazine subscribers and social media followers
• Weekly Facebook engagement increase of 6,000%

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