Just consider what you would know, as an institution, if you had conducted around 30,000 interviews over a decade, and if the people you interviewed were entrepreneurs in every possible industry and region of the United States.

TrueLine Public Relations was founded in Portland, Maine by members of a publishing company who wanted to do more than write stories. They wanted to help companies do better, based on what they had learned from speaking with experts. Today, they do just this by tapping into the extensive institutional knowledge of public relations, digital marketing, and social media, along with the production resources of eight nationwide magazines.

They will create or improve just about anything that can be written or digitally produced, ranging from bids and proposals to white papers to advertising copy.

They will also steer you towards proven business strategies, including, for instance, recruitment, applying to and receiving industry awards, and drumming up excitement about a product or executive.

Work team

  • Patrick Rose
    Director of Public Relations

    Pat will Initially work with you on the discovery process whereby he will identify your needs and put together an implementation strategy. From there, he will oversee the team assigned to your fulfillment.

  • Erica Berry
    Director of Strategy & Media Outreach

    Erica is a guru for all things social and digital. Count on her to uncover unique ways to promote you or your company, in a way that reflects your voice and the expectations of your clients.

  • Dave Gushee
    Director of Client Relations

    Dave is an active liaison between companies TLPR represents and TLPR staff. With a background in sales and marketing, he advises on the cost of services and how to best use resources.

  • Neil Cote
    Content Creation Specialist

    Neil says he's old enough to be the father of everyone he works with, and he puts those decades to good use, drawing on a past spent at newspapers. Now he writes copy for your company, also a thrill.

  • Blake Davis
    Content Team Lead

    Blake guides the creative minds at TLPR on writing and all things digital. Prior to this role, he was a reporter, garnering a few awards and nationally syndicated stories in publications you've heard of.

  • Ian Nichols
    Director of Business Development

    Ian's role is unearthing clients who are best suited to the hands-on, creative approach embodied by TLPR. That means he will be the first person you speak with, and the one to offer practical guidance.

  • Karyn Dowty
    Director of Operations

    As operations manager for one of Maine's fastest growing firms, Karyn tackles new projects each day. She enjoys the diversity of the business and working with clients.

  • Haj Carr
    President & CEO

    A serial entrepreneur and salsa dancer in his free time, Haj finds happiness in entrepreneurship and creating businesses where both he and his team can be successful both inside and outside of work.

Our advantages


Unlike a typical marketing or PR firm, we know your industry, having written about it.

TLPR  was founded by members of a B2B publishing company who have been interviewing business leaders for over a decade. This accumulated industry knowledge is gold for helping your business grow.


We have the production resources of 8 nationwide publications, and we keep to deadlines.

Writers, graphic designers, marketers, web developers – you name it. We have these people in house. We’re not outsourcing your projects, our team of experts is working to give you the best possible results. On time.


We own magazines that can write about you.

Because we own our publications, we can guarantee you placement and exposure to our national, and international readerships. Our professional team of writers will get the scoop and write an article that captures your company’s mission.

What Our Clients Say

“I am blown away with the value that could come out of our partnership. Working with this team is something that I have never experienced before and I am so excited about what our future looks like based on the relationship that has been built.”

- J. W., Director of Human Resources, EJH Construction Inc.