Brand Development

Your branding is in the details. It’s the color hues you choose. It’s the way you tell your story—shaping the way your audience feels and reacts to your brand. We’ll work with you to align your company’s values to its brand, while also helping to identify and describe what you bring to the table for your customers. Your brand has to answer an important question: “What motivates your customers to buy from you?”


  • Brand Development

    Your branding is in the details. It’s the color hues you choose. It’s the message in your logo and website. It’s the way you tell your story. TLPR will take care of these details, shaping the way your audience feels and reacts to your brand.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media is the new word of mouth, yet it can be tricky and time consuming. TLPR will curate content and manage postings to build an engaged and active following. We’ll even start new profiles from scratch or update your existing pages with custom graphics and information.

  • Social Media Audit & Strategic Planning

    What social sites are right for you? TLPR’s social media team will determine what works and what doesn’t work for your business and suggest areas of improvement for your social media presence. We’ll create a plan to grow your audience with real, engaged followers.

  • Award Submissions

    Clients want to know you’re their best option. And nothing screams winner like an award. We will put your company and its management staff in position to receive recognition in awards that matter to you, your clients and your staff.

  • Public Engagement

    Speaking at and attending events related to your industry positions you as a thought leader. People look to experts to shape their opinions and you can be that expert. TLPR’s public relations team will research events that will bring value to you and your company.

  • Recruiting

    The key to attracting talent is to be active and build a positive image of your company and culture. We will create and manage employer review profiles to shape an attractive view of your organization—as well as create effective hiring ads and onboarding programs.

  • Brand Advocacy

    A brand advocate is someone who enjoys your product or service so much that they're eager to tell others about. Whether this is clients or employees, when these people are engaged, your products and services sell themselves. TLPR’s engagement team will make this happen.

  • Reputation Management

    Review sites like BBB provide huge benefits to businesses that fully embrace reputation marketing. But misguided reviews and complaints can derail your company’s image. When these things happen, we’ll be there to mitigate damages and get your image back on track.

Our advantages


Unlike a typical marketing or PR firm, we know your industry, having written about it.

TLPR  was founded by members of a B2B publishing company who have been interviewing business leaders for over a decade. This accumulated industry knowledge is gold for helping your business grow.


We have the production resources of 8 nationwide publications, and we keep to deadlines.

Writers, graphic designers, marketers, web developers – you name it. We have these people in house. We’re not outsourcing your projects, our team of experts is working to give you the best possible results. On time.


We own magazines that can write about you.

Because we own our publications, we can guarantee you placement and exposure to our national, and international readerships. Our professional team of writers will get the scoop and write an article that captures your company’s mission.

What Our Clients Say

“We appreciate the professional manner in which your team worked with us to achieve the stateside exposure we were after; especially taking the time to get all of the facts correct. We, without a doubt, will not hesitate to work with you again in the future.”

- Principal, DH Construction Inc.