Media Relations

Sharing your story is the first step to building brand awareness. The next is to get it in front of the people and businesses you want to reach. Over the past decade we have cultivated numerous relationships with news sources and journalists. We have also developed and honed the skill of understanding who to get your content in front of. It’s all about who you know, and it’s our job to know who is who.


  • Strategic Media

    Strategic media is a proprietary concept TLPR designed to promote our clients’ interests without appearing overly promotional. We write original stories and get them in front of the people and businesses you want to reach. They are well-written, well-researched and guaranteed to actually get read.

  • Digital Advertising

    TLPR’s digital advertising team will develop and execute a paid campaign customized to meet your objectives. From Google AdWords to paid placement, we’ll handle all aspects of the campaign, including detailed reporting and results.

  • Incident Management

    Stuff happens. We provide backup when it does. We help deal with bad press, negative reviews, and other unforeseen incidents and we help you employ strategies that put you at less risk for such situations.

  • Press Releases

    Have a new project or product? Win an award or take on a new team member? You did the work of bringing it to fruition. Let us do the work of getting the word out through our vast media network of local and national news outlets.

Our advantages


Unlike a typical marketing or PR firm, we know your industry, having written about it.

TLPR  was founded by members of a B2B publishing company who have been interviewing business leaders for over a decade. This accumulated industry knowledge is gold for helping your business grow.


We have the production resources of 8 nationwide publications, and we keep to deadlines.

Writers, graphic designers, marketers, web developers – you name it. We have these people in house. We’re not outsourcing your projects, our team of experts is working to give you the best possible results. On time.


We own magazines that can write about you.

Because we own our publications, we can guarantee you placement and exposure to our national, and international readerships. Our professional team of writers will get the scoop and write an article that captures your company’s mission.

What Our Clients Say

“We appreciate the professional manner in which your team worked with us to achieve the stateside exposure we were after; especially taking the time to get all of the facts correct. We, without a doubt, will not hesitate to work with you again in the future.”

- Principal, DH Construction Inc.